Start using FormatJS via one of our integrations:

FormatJS has integrations with common template and component libraries, since that's the place where developers need to format numbers, dates, and string messages for their web app UIs.

Using FormatJS Anywhere

If your web project isn't using one of the template/component engines with which we have integrations, don't worry; there's also the core Intl libraries with JavaScript APIs.

Core JavaScript Intl Libraries

All of the FormatJS integrations build and depend on our core JavaScript Intl libraries. This modular approach allows for maximum code reuse, and the ability to use these core Intl APIs directly or build new integrations.

Building an Integration

We're interested in integrations with other popular template/component libraries. At Yahoo, teams use Handlebars, React, and Dust, which is why FormatJS has integrations for these libraries. If you've built or are interested in building a FormatJS integration with another library, feel free to reach out to us!

The existing FormatJS integrations are great models for building a new integration. All of them leverage the same dependencies and build process to create a library that runs on the server and client.

Principles Behind Integrations