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Runtime Requirements


Browser Support

We support IE11 & 2 most recent versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox & Safari. If you need older browser support, take a look at polyfill-library that also uses formatjs but pre-bundle other polyfills that we use.

React Intl relies on these Intl APIs:

We officially support IE11 along with 2 most recent versions of Edge, Chrome & Firefox.



Starting with Node.js 13.0.0 full-icu is supported by default.

If using React Intl in an earlier version of Node.js, your node binary has to either:


If your node version is missing any of the Intl APIs above, you'd have to polyfill them accordingly.

React Native

If you're using react-intl in React Native, make sure your runtime has built-in Intl support (similar to JSC International variant). See these issues for more details:

React Native on iOS

If you cannot use the Intl variant of JSC (e.g on iOS), follow the instructions in polyfills to polyfill the following APIs (in this order):

  1. Intl.getCanonicalLocales
  2. Intl.Locale
  3. Intl.PluralRules
  4. Intl.NumberFormat
  5. Intl.DateTimeFormat