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Develop with formatjs

Aside from a strong focus on facilitating i18n production pipeline, formatjs also aims to improve i18n DevEx with our eslint-plugin-formatjs.

Linter Installation

npm i -D eslint-plugin-formatjs eslint

Then in your eslint config:

"plugins": ["formatjs"],
"rules": {
"formatjs/no-offset": "error"

Head over to eslint-plugin-formatjs for more details on our rules.

Error Codes

react-intl is designed to fail fast when there's a configuration issue but fall back to defaultLocale when there's a translation issues. Below are the list of errors that we emit out that can be caught during testing:


Issue when we try to format a sentence but some of the placeholder values are malformed, e.g passing in a string for a Date or such.


We trigger this error when a custom format is being declared but there's no corresponding formatter with it. For example:

defaultMessage: 'the price is {p, number, customCurrency}',

and there's no formatter for customCurrency.


When some config values are misconfigured such as missing locale.


When some native Intl APIs don't support certain locales, or missing locale-data when polyfills are setup. This typically happens when you're running on an older browsers/Node, or try to use newer APIs in browsers that have not supported them.


This gets triggered whenever we try to look up a translated message in messages for a given id and it's not there, thus falling back to defaultMessage.


This error will be triggered very often since it happens for every message that does not have a translation. Therefore if you do log it remotely there should be throttling in place.